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Motorcyclist Training Course Information

***** We are currently taking reservations for the NEW MTC curriculum!!*******

The new curriculum is 5 hours longer and with that we have a new class format. The new format is Thursday evening classroom, Sat OR Sun half day riding, Thursday evening classroom, Sat OR Sun half day riding. This is a 4 day format.
Must do the SAME day and time group for the weekend. Please plan accordingly, you are making a reservation for all 4 days. They can not be broken up.

  *****For TRAVIS AFB, please contact the office to make an appointment. We are NOT currently using the online registration system for the Travis location only. *****

To Register for our Motorcycle Training Courses, please pick your class location:

Travis Air Force Base OR Alameda, CA (at the USS Hornet)


Basic rider course The objectives are to teach the skills necessary for safe motorcycle operation. Training is designed primarily for beginning and inexperienced riders.

It covers everything from beginning to advanced riding skills. All graduates receive a DMV certificate that waives the skill test, and a completion card that may entitle them to discounts on motorcycle insurance.

Although the majority graduate, we cannot guarantee success. Motorcycling is mentally and physically demanding. Any student who cannot safely control or operate the motorcycle within the guidelines of the course will be removed from the class.

The Motorcycle Training Course (MTC) is approximately 20 hours. There are 2 in-class sessions and 2 range sessions.We provide the motorcycles and helmets. The majority of the bikes we use are between 125cc up to 250cc street bikes.

Where the classes meet

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